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The way of God

The so-called "eye of providence", like any net of symbology cast into the tides of human communication, has ensnared a wild variety interpretations, meanings, implications, etc. It is simple and natural to personally co-opt such symbology for egotistical ends. I often find myself borrowing the outlines of concepts before even paying the respect of working to pierce the foggy veil of my ignorance, stupidity, impatience, and gluttony. I borrow these concepts and then I use whatever I can muster of my weakness I sometimes pretend to be strength to distort it, and then imprison it and occasionally look upon it with the arrogant satisfaction of its as-of-yet unexposed imposter creator.

It is with the awareness of such profane behavioral tendencies that I attempt, perhaps futily, to refrain from imposing my vulgar conceptual nonsense onto this symbol in order to imbue it with a vain celebration of my shallow personal identity, and, instead, endeavour to keep such symbols present in my experiences to serve as reminders of my own servitude to my all-too-human propensity for self-satisfying demeaning of external influences through these processes of subjecting the meat of such influences to the inadvertantly destructive grinders of my infantile delusions of and aspirations to godhood, or the power of creation.


When I wrote that stuff under the "The way of God" title, my intent was to confess a personal tendency to co-opt symbols and impress my own meaning onto them, and my desire to refrain from doing so with this particular symbol, the so-called "eye of providence". The funny irony here is that after expressing that desire to refrain from impressing meaning onto the eye of providence, I went on to write that I would keep the symbols around in my life to serve as reminders of my tendency to co-opt symbols and impress my own meaning onto them.

In the very paragraphs in which I denounce my tendency to co-opt symbols and impress my own meaning onto them, I've co-opted a symbol (the eye of providence) and impressed my own meaning onto it (a reminder not to co-opt symbols and impress meaning onto them)!

Was I sleeping when I wrote "The way of God"? Is it not a perfect lesson of my own limitations and fallibility?